The First Days of Summer

All Rights Reserved Megan BannisterRegardless of the year or my current location, the first days of summer are always my absolute favorite.

Maybe it’s the sudden freedom from schoolwork and responsibility and everything else that would normally be weighing on me. Maybe it’s the fact that this morning I didn’t set an alarm for the first time in I can’t even remember how long. Or maybe it’s the absolutely perfect feeling that can only come with a summer night, driving in the car with the best people – listening to not always the best music – and remembering what it means to really stop and enjoy life.

Whatever the reason, summer has always had an indescribable quality of reminding me what I really love: popsicles, early mornings, late nights, live music, well-worn library cards, home-cooked meals, laughter and old friends.

So before life invariably gets away from me – and all of my summer obligations officially begin – I decided it was necessary to write this tiny ode. If for no other reason than to remind myself to enjoy every little thing. To remember that summer is no time for routines or monotony, and that every day can – and should – hold a new adventure.

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