Eats: Zombie Burger

All Rights Reserved Megan Bannister I first heard about Zombie Burger last fall during my semester in Barcelona. While there’s a lot of delicious food to enjoy in Spain, the Catalan people aren’t exactly known for the quality of their cheeseburgers and I was having some serious cravings. Once I was stateside again, I vowed that I would make eating at the restaurant, which had quickly become a local favorite, a top priority.

So naturally, six months later, I finally had my first Zombie Burger experience – and it was glorious.

What I ate: Raygun burger [Monterrey jack cheese, fried jalapenos, caramelized onion, bacon, guacamole & chipotle mayo], a side of French fries & a Chocolate Cake Shake

The verdict? Love at first bite. Though I was tempted to try one of the more nontraditional burgers (I still can’t get over how genius putting fried mac and cheese on a burger is), I’m glad I went with a fairly tame standby. While my tab was just under $15, I definitely got my money’s worth and ate enough food to put me in a fairly substantial food coma.

And let’s be honest, who couldn’t love a restaurant that offers alcoholic milkshakes?

Zombie Burger, 300 E. Grand Avenue, Des Moines

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