19 Things You Should Do Before the Summer is Over

All Rights Reserved Megan BannisterI’m just going to come out and admit it – I have a wildly excessive love for Thought Catalog. I love their streamlined blogging format, and the content of every single one of their posts is phenomenal and almost always relatable.

So while trolling the Internet the other day I stumbled upon Thought Catalog’s list of “19 Things You Should Do Before the Summer is Over.” And while I’ve done about 17 out of the 19 so far, I decided to make a quick summer list of my own to ensure I do absolutely every activity that is essential in the summer.

  1. Eat only popsicles for a day – Preferably the crayon shaped ones.
  2. Go to a farmers’ market – There’s just something about open air markets that just makes everything taste better.
  3. Get in the car & drive – I’ve found that the best adventures happen when you don’t have a set destination.
  4. Stay up too late before you have to work early in the morning – Because sleep is for the weak and some things are just worth staying awake for.
  5. Learn how to cook something delicious – Because at some point you will have to be an adult and feed yourself.
  6. Read something – Anything. Even if it’s “50 Shades of Grey.” I won’t judge you – I promise. Well…Maybe a little.
  7. Have a solo dance party – Preferably to Justin Bieber or “Call Me Maybe.” Shakira and Robyn are also very acceptable alternatives.
  8. Eat a lot of brunch – Because it seems fancy and summertime calls for decadence.
  9. Give yourself permission to be lazy – Sometimes the great outdoors has nothing on the AC, my couch and “Teen Mom.”
  10. Eat something that’s decidedly bad for you – I’m looking at you, Iowa State Fair double bacon-wrapped corn dog.
  11. Find a body of water & enjoy it – There’s nothing better than a pool/lake/slip-n-slide when it’s 105 degrees out five days in a row.
  12. Run around barefoot – Shoes are overrated – and somehow we forget that after age 10.
  13. Clean out your closet – There’s nothing like finding your second grade yearbook to make you feel old and remind you how fantastic the impending summer felt in elementary school.
  14. Buy lemonade from a lemonade stand – Someday, many moons ago, you were that plucky lemonade entrepreneur and it’s time to pay it forward.
  15. Have a bonfire – S’mores are obviously a must.
  16. Drink anything that comes in a hollowed out fruit (ie. watermelon, pineapple, et al) – There’s no way it won’t be delicious (and most likely involve alcohol).
  17. Chase the ice cream truck – Because you’re never too old to look absolutely ridiculous. Or to eat ice cream.
  18. Eat/drink/dine on patios/terraces – See #2 re: food tasting better outside.
  19. Get outside of your comfort zone – Try something new. Make mistakes. Get messy. It’ll all work itself out by September when real life returns.

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