Gray’s Lake Moon Float

Photo Courtesy of Gray’s Lake Facebook page

A few friends and I have been talking about taking a moonlit paddle around Gray’s Lake from some time now, so a couple of weeks ago we all pulled out our planners and penciled in our next adventure.

Thankfully by the time Wednesday night rolled around, the heat had finally relented and we had the perfect evening for our paddle. For only $6 we were able to take to Gray’s Lake on the craft of our choosing (in this case, a four-person peddle boat).

If you’re planning on hitting up the moon float for a date night, get there early: two person canoes and paddle boats were hard to come by when we arrived.

For a full schedule of Gray’s Lake moon floats, check the Des Moines Parks & Recreation website.

Gray’s Lake, located off of Fleur Drive near Waterworks Park in Des Moines

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