Fleur Cinema & Cafe

Des Moines is a city blessed with many movie theaters and the Fleur Cinema is, without a doubt, one of my favorites.

I’ve already been to the Fleur three times this summer, and each times it was to see a fantastic film:

  • First, it was “Hysteria,” starring Maggie Gyllenhal and Hugh Dancy, about the invention of the vibrator
  • Then Wes Anderson’s latest darkly comedic, “Moonrise Kingdom
  • And most recently, “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” one of the most beautiful, heartbreaking movies I’ve seen in a long time

With reasonably priced tickets (about $8 depending on the time you see a show, only $6,50 if you go before 6 p.m.) and the possibility of cheesecake and wine accompanying my movie-going experience, there’s really no downside of this non-traditional theater.

Fleur Cinema & Cafe, 4545 Fleur Drive, Des Moines

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