The Week: December 21, 2012

In honor of this thing we call the Internet I’ve decided to dedicate Friday to weekly roundups of some of the best links floating around the interwebs. Enjoy!

I’m absolutely smitten over Evan Robertson’s series of illustrated prints with quotes from famous literary figures – especially the one featuring Truman Capote. Can you say birthday wish list?

This Mashable article may be over a month old but I’m just catching wind (pun intended) of Berndnaut Smilde, the incredible artist who discovered how to manufacture real clouds.

In the category of remembering that amazing people help others every day: the Iowa pie maker who packed up her things and headed to Connecticut to bring comfort (and pie) to families effected by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Possibly one of the most adorable pictures of POTUS Barrack Obama ever: losing a battle to a pint-sized Spiderman.

At the end of each year I look forward to the annual Google Zeitgeist video and 2012’s definitely doesn’t disappoint. Warning: may cause spontaneous teary eyes and nostalgia.

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