Eats: Fondue Night at the Cheese Shop

As a great lover of cheese I’m shocked that I hadn’t made into The Cheese Shop of Des Moines sooner. But I guess for the sanctity of my wallet and my waistline, that’s probably a good thing.

Last week I headed to the shop’s Fondue Night–held every Wednesday from 4 to 7 p.m.–with a friend who’s moving to the south to attend grad school. We decided that the cheese shop was a perfect venue for our last hoorah–at least for the foreseeable future.

We ordered the small portion, which costs about $15 and comes with unlimited bread and mini pickles, in addition to a side of salami. And gorged ourselves on dairy while sipping the Cheese Shop’s signature summer cocktail–a delicious mix of sweet wine, simple syrup and lime juice.

The best part? When we asked for the check our wonderful waitress asked if we wanted the leftover cheese to go. You guys–leftover fondue cheese to go is possibly one of the best things in the entire world. Period. Needless to say I enjoyed the leftovers the next morning atop scrambled eggs.

The Cheese Shop of Des Moines, 833 42nd Street, Suite B in Des Moines

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