Update: 22nd Birthday List

Illustration by Emily McDowell
Illustration by Emily McDowell

On my 22nd birthday I came up with a list of things I wanted to do before my 23rd birthday. Now it’s a little past my half birthday (July 2nd) at this point, but I decided it would be good to revisit the list and see where I’m at. Check out just a few of the things on my 22-year-old bucket list:

Actually cook meals & sit down to eat them — With my subscription to Bon Appetit and a weekly trip to the Farmers’ Market I’m getting a little better about this, but I’ve still got a ways to go.

Read 22 books — I’ve only hit 5 books so far this year but the end of summer lull is kicking me into reading mode.

Drink more water — Yeah…I’m still not doing this.

Volunteer & finally take the orientation class at the Des Moines Animal Rescue League— I just signed up for a volunteer orientation course at the end of the month—puppy playtime here I come!

Graduate from college!

Have more adventures – go on a road trip — In March three friends and I piled in my trusty 2003 Acura and drove the 26 hours (each way) from Des Moines to San Francisco. It’s one of my favorite adventures to date and I can’t wait for my next road trip.

Take more photos — I’ve been trying to make an effort to bring my DSLR more places and slowly but surely its becoming a habit.

Learn to knit — Come September I’ll be attending weekly knitting class at one of East Village’s coolest shops.

Learn how to make macaroons —  After some research I’ve determined that making macaroons is much harder than I originally thought. Updates to come.

Learn how to make a latte at home — With an espresso machine acquired I just need to start doing my research. This post from Kansas City’s The Roasterie seems to be a good start.

Master the art of the sock bun — Check!

Stop eating junk foods  My quest to give up sugar is progressing…slowly. Any tips would be greatly and whole-heartedly appreciated.

Write more letters — Now that some of my favorite people have been flung across the country (and the world, for that matter), my old dream of having a pen pal has been rekindled.

Hopefully find a full-time job Probably the item I’m most proud of, I’m so lucky to be able to cross this off my bucket list. It’s been a wild ride, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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