DIY: Golden Birthday Box

All Rights Reserved Megan Bannister

A good friend of mine recently celebrated her golden birthday and—especially since I don’t remember my golden birthday since it happened when I turned two—I wanted to send her something extra special. Since we don’t live too close to one another anymore I knew it would have to be mail-friendly so I decided to send her a true “golden” birthday box.

The only prerequisite? Everything in the box must somehow be gold. A few of the “golden” things I included in my birthday box:

  • A gold Sharpie
  • Tiny gold earrings
  • A gold-embellished mug—DIYed by me
  • Sparkly gold nail polish
  • Jose Cuervo Gold tequila

The best part of this gift is that you can make it as big or small as you’d like. What would be your picks for a golden birthday box?

All Rights Reserved Megan Bannister

All Rights Reserved Megan Bannister

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awesome creation!i had been using nail polishes to give a shine on the paper flowers tat i make…they really look good after they dry…I’ll be using your technique soon.keep up the good work.

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