Update: 101 in 1,001

101 in 1,001

Earlier this year I came up with a 101 in 1,001 list with the goal of completing 101 tasks in 1,001 days. Now I’m only a few months into my 1,001 days, but I’ve been slowly chipping away at some of the goals, activities and experiences I included.

In my last update, I talked about baseball games, the Pitchfork Pie Stand and more. This time I’m tackling a few of my in progress goals as well as some others you might have spotted a blog post about.

4. Run another half marathon (In progress)

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While I haven’t actually completed this one yet, but I did sign up for another half marathon. On October 18th I’ll be running my second IMT Des Moines half marathon, so wish me luck! I’ve started training and am slowly remembering what it’s like to run eight-plus miles.

32. Attend the National Balloon Classic in Indianola, IA (7/31/14)

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I’ve always been fascinated by hot air balloons and this summer I finally got the chance to go to Indianola’s National Balloon Classic. I opted for a morning flight over the crowded evening balloon glow (also because it was free), but absolutely loved by time at the balloon fields watching the competitions.

64. Take a letterpress class (7/21/14)

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Last month I signed up for a two-day letterpress class through the Des Moines Art Center and absolutely fell in love with print making. The structure of the class was fairly loose and we were able to play around and experiment with different designs and fonts. If I can find an available press, I’ll definitely be delving deeper into letterpress now that I have my type keys wet with ink.

74. Get more involved with the Des Moines Art Center and/or Des Moines Social Club (5/14) 

As of late spring, I’m officially the Membership Chair on the Art Center’s Art Noir board. It’s been a lot of fun getting more involved with the Art Center and finding ways for other people who (like me) didn’t connect with more traditional young professional groups to get involved with Art Noir. Plus we get to do cool public art projects like this one.

76. Attend Jeffrey’s high school graduation (6/1/14)

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In June I headed back to Chicago for my baby brother’s graduation. Can you believe how old he looks (also how much taller he is than me)!? He’ll be headed to Bradley University in Peoria to study physics in the next week or so.

88. Go on vacation in Michigan with my family (7/7/14)

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It’s been a few years since I’ve been able to go on vacation with my family, but spending a week in southwest Michigan was exactly what I needed. It was great to spend some time with my parents, catch up with old family friends and explore a few new roadside attractions, all while eating my weight in farm-fresh produce and local wines. I mean, it was vacation after all.

90. Send a care package for no reason (5/19/14)

This past spring one of my oldest and dearest friends was living and teaching English in Chile. She’s a vegan and was missing home a bit so I packed together some of her Iowa favorites and shipped them (despite the challenges I had with customs forms) to her all the way in South America. It may have taken a month to get there, but everything arrived safely and it was great to know I’d brightened her day just a little bit.

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[…] my last update, I’ve done a bit of traveling, celebrated some bigger goal milestones and (looking back) […]

[…] my last update, I’ve done a bit of traveling, celebrated some bigger goal milestones and (looking back) […]

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