The Week: August 29, 2014

All Rights Reserved Megan BannisterIt’s been a rainy, gloomy kind of week so I’m hoping for some sunshine this long weekend. I’ve got a few fun things planned (and maybe even a mini road trip), but more on those later. In the meantime and while I’m off adventuring, here are my favorite bits of Internet from this week:

Some of the best I’ve ever read for remembering not to overthink it.

One of the best gazpacho recipes I’ve made in quite some time.

A gorgeous view of Paris through the lens of a Pentax 67 camera.

I’ve easily listened to this 100 times this week.

30 gorgeous (and free) fonts you should download right now.

I’m a sucker for love letters.

Are millennials “generation nice”?

“Congratulations! World’s Best Cup of Coffee! Great job, everybody! It’s great to be here!”

As a morning person, I loved reading these.

What does it mean to throw like a girl? Let me tell you.

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