The Week: November 28, 2014

List Makers

My brain has been whirring a million miles an hour lately and while it’s energizing to have so many ideas and be working on so much, it’s also fairly exhausting. So I’m taking a weekend off to recharge with a stack of books I’ve been meaning to read, a puppy curled at my feet and probably gratuitous amounts of wine and coffee.

While I’m relaxing (and sleeping off my turkey coma), here are my favorite bits of Internet from the past week:

The Strand’s Stand: How New York City’s most enchanting bookstore has remained so vibrant in the Age of Amazon.

I adore the idea of an “article club” over a book club. Any takers?

I love Fast Company’s “The Recommender” and their gift guide edition is doubly amazing.

Three tips from Neil Blumenthal on how Warby Parker has built its incredible brand.

I’d love the chance to explore these secret beer caves under Cedar Rapids.

I started to get in the holiday spirit this week, which essentially meant I decided it was an acceptable time to listen to Christmas music now. And I’m really loving the Pentatonix’s take on one of my Nutcracker favorites.

What it’d look like if your favorite artist came for Thanksgiving dinner.

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