The Week: January 9, 2015

All Rights Reserved Megan Bannister

I’ve spent a lot of time this week getting organized (with the help of my shiny new Simplified Planner) and making plans for the coming year. And while I’m not even close to having it all figured out, I’ve got a lot of ideas bouncing around my overcrowded brain. In the meantime, here are my favorite bits of Internet from this week:

Travel Iowa: This week I shared some of Iowa’s largest attractions with readers at the Travel Iowa blog. If you’re looking for a “big” 2015 adventure you can check it out here.

Well-timed Seth Godin truth bombs. “If you demand that everything that happens be something you are adequately prepared for, I wonder if you’ve chosen never to leap in ways that we need you to leap.”

I absolutely love these photos of Cedar Falls during the snowstorm we had earlier this week.

I’ve been needing a little extra determination lately and this little talisman might be the perfect solution.

These vintage photos and postcards of historic Des Moines are incredible. 

Why maybe being a little less nice in 2015 isn’t such a bad thing.

According to my Warby Parker customized, year-end report, my Latin motto for 2014 was “Crescit eundo,” meaning “I’m on an upward trajectory.” Also, now that it’s 2015 you may refer to me as Melba Toast.

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