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2014 Gift Guide: For the armchair traveler in your family

For the armchair traveler in your family

Next up on our holiday gift guide is the “armchair” traveler in your family. While this person may not actually take a lot of trips themselves, they love learning about new places and exploring the world while staying a little bit closer to home.

Wildsam Field Guides

Even if you’re not planning a trip, these amazing pocket-sized field guides offer a unique look at some of the country’s most interesting cities through lists, illustrations and personal essays.

Wildsam Field Guides, $17.95

StudioKMO - Des Moines

I’ve been a big fan of StudioKMO’s city map prints for a long time. Surprise your favorite aunt and uncle with a map of their hometown or favorite vacation spot. This particular one features downtown Des Moines.

StudioKMO city print, $35

The Everywhere Box

Not only are Herb Lester Associate’s beautifully illustrated city maps like miniature works of art, but they also offer unique recommendations for the places locals love to eat, drink and shop.

Herb Lester Associate’s The Everywhere Box, £100

La Tartine Gourmande

La Tartine Gourmande is one of the most visually beautiful food blogs I’ve ever stumbled across and this holiday season you can give Béa’s collection of recipes, cultivated from her upbringing in northeastern France, to the cook in your life. It’s like a foodie vacation through the Riveria, but way cheaper.

Amazon, $23

Luggage print

Even if their bags aren’t packed at the moment, this adorable 8×10 print will the quench your family travel bug’s thirst for full suitcases and international adventures.

hellosmallworld’s Luggage Print, $18

Anywhere Travel Guide

This deck of cards is the perfect way for your family to see their hometown in a whole new light. Perfect for the relative who is looking for adventure a bit closer to home.

Anywhere Travel Guide, $13

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