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2014 Gift Guide: For your road trip-loving boyfriend

For your road trip loving boyfriend

For your flannel-wearing, road trip-loving boyfriend who is always up for a spontaneous adventure and knows exactly which gas station stocks the good kind of gummy bears.


Because spontaneous adventures shouldn’t be spent readjusting his glasses every 10 seconds.

Nerdwax, one tube for $10

Powerline Power Cup

I was gifted one of these nifty car chargers a few years back and absolutely love it. Now you won’t have to argue over who needs an iPhone boost most with this coffee cup shaped power converter.

PowerLine PowerCup, $27

Stumptown Voyager kit

Just because you’re staying in a roadside motel, doesn’t mean he has to suffer through gas station coffee. Gift him the ability to be his own personal barista.

Stumptown’s Voyager kit, $125


You never know when he might need to do some whittling—or cut open a particularly tricky package of beef jerky—this foldable pocket knife is a great, stylish solution.

Opinel No8 Oak Handle Folding Knife, $18.95

Road trip books

A collection of your favorite road trip books that you know he’ll love for those times when a spontaneous adventure isn’t in the cards (or the bank account).

On the Road, $15; The Lost Continent, $13; Killing Yourself to Live, $13

Big Sur

Lots of time in a stuffy car can result in some less than amazing smells. But he’ll be back to smelling like a true mountain man after a spritz of this Juniper Ridge cologne.

Big Sur Backpacker Cologne, $60

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