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A Foodie Guide to Fargo, North Dakota

When we first started planning our trip to North Dakota I reached out to a few friends for restaurant recommendations. I have to admit that I was a little surprised when I was flooded with responses. For some reason I didn’t expect Fargo to be a culinary destination.

But after spending only a few days in the area, Fargo proved my taste buds wrong. Not only did we enjoy some truly delicious local delicacies, but the variety of food this community offers is truly impressive. Before you head north on a culinary adventure,  be sure to plan your meals with this foodie guide to Fargo, North Dakota.

The Boiler Room

If you’re looking for the hearty comfort food and strong drinks you’d expect of the Midwest, look no further than The Boiler Room. This cozy restaurant is stealthily hidden below street level with its secretive entrance down a back alley. With seriously hefty portions and intriguing seasonal cocktails, you’re sure to leave the Boiler Room sated.

The Boiler Room, 210 Roberts Street North in Fargo, North Dakota

HoDo Restaurant

If the rest of the food at the HoDo Restaurant inside the Hotel Donaldson is half as good as the brunch, I never need to eat anywhere else again. We spent a wonderful morning in the restaurant’s high-backed booths, sipping endless coffee and debating what to eat from the tempting menu. After much deliberation, we decided on a savory apple sausage skillet and french toast with blackberry bourbon compote. Both were absolutely incredible and left us wishing we could enjoy more breakfasts here.

HoDo Restaurant, 101 Broadway North in Fargo, North Dakota

Vinyl Taco

If I lived in Fargo, Vinyl Taco would be one of my regular haunts. Everything about this restaurant—from the sidewalk patio and music-inspired decor to the eclectic variety of tacos and creative drinks—is vibrant and exciting. Vintage records conceal the restaurant’s menus and the restaurant’s food pairs in perfect harmony with the restaurant’s ambiance.

Both the cilantro lime chicken and carne asada tacos were bursting with flavor, and the guacamole had a delightful radish crunch that paired perfectly with the seasoned tortilla chips.

Vinyl Taco, 520 1st Avenue North in Fargo, North Dakota

Würst Bier Hall

There’s no better pair to Fargo’s craft beers than the fare at Würst Bier Hall. This local eatery takes comfort food to a new level with creative spins on traditional favorites. From the Bavarian pretzels to the bite-sized pierogi in spicy seasoning, there’s lots to choose from on this hearty menu. The bier hall also offers traditional German sausages as well as würst with a twist like the Hawaiian or Philly Cheesesteak dog.

Würst Bier Hall, 630 1st Avenue North in Fargo, North Dakota

Bonus Stop: Moorhead Dairy Queen

Yes, I’m including a Dairy Queen on my foodie guide to Fargo, North Dakota. And technically this bonus stop is in Moorhead, Minnesota. But this isn’t just any Dairy Queen. This is where owner Bob Litherland invented the Dilly Bar in 1954. Today more than 80,000 handmade Dilly Bars are still sold at this northern Minnesota location.

Moorhead Dairy Queen, 24 S. 8th Street in Moorhead, Minnesota

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There's tons of delicious food to be found in Fargo, North Dakota!

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Comments (3)

This is so fun to read! I haven’t visited most of these restaurants, except the Hodo. I love it when people have a great time in Fargo. Underrated.

Thanks so much, Jeni! We had a blast in Fargo and know there are tons more places we didn’t even get to try. Such a great excuse to go back again!

When you come back I recommend checking out NoBull Smokehouse (located near the Wurst). Blackbird Pizza (wood-fired pizzas, yum!). Luna isn’t located downtown but offers great variety in wines and CHEESE. And of course Mezzaluna, located downtown. specializing in fine dining!


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