A Trip to the New York Times

All Rights Reserved Megan Bannister

A few months ago I had the incredible opportunity to visit the New York Times for a student editors conference. While we didn’t get to spend a ton of time in the city (less than 36 hours once everything was said and done), I still managed to take in some of the sights and snag a phenomenal New York-style bagel.

After spending the day meeting editors and reporters at the New York Times, we braved the rain and headed toward Union Square for a quick bite to eat. A beer and some quick appetizers at Heartland Brewery hit the spot after exploring the square. Soon we headed up the street to The Strand, 18 miles of book-filled paradise, where one of my favorite authors was serendipitously speaking that evening.

On an adrenaline rush (and cupcake-induced sugar high) we headed toward Times Square to do a little touristing. After spotting Rachel Maddow as she left 30 Rock for the night and proceeding to fan-girl for awhile, we headed back toward our hotel. An East Coast girl at heart, no night is ever complete without a 99 cent slice of pizza just after midnight, eaten while walking of course. Less than 12 hours later I was back on a plane to Iowa, but I’m hoping to make another trip to NYC soon.

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