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Celebrating Hollywood in the Heartland

Since I’m not an Iowa native, I didn’t grow up visiting the State of Iowa Historical Building or the Iowa Capitol on countless school trips, and for one reason or another, I’d never gotten around to going. That is, until recently.

Before the haze of hectic holiday plans hit, I took the afternoon to explore the Historical Building and visit its temporary Hollywood in the Heartland exhibit…

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Introducing the Des Moines Essentials Guide

Now that I’ve lived in Des Moines for a little over five years (woah), I figured it was time to put together a list of some of my favorite places around the city. From my favorite place to get a gorgeously made latte to some of the best places to spend a free afternoon, you can find it all here…

Lunch Unplugged

Lunch Unplugged

It may be March, but here in Des Moines we’ve been plunged into another deep freeze (what’s up, -25° wind chills). And if you’re anything like me, the cold weather has probably makes you want to curl up under a pile of blankets, do some serious Netflix binging and avoid leaving your apartment until things thaw…

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2013 Holiday To Do List

This year more than ever I’ve realized how quickly the holiday season can slip away—case in point, it’s already December 3rd. So in an effort to take a deep breath every once in awhile and remember to enjoy this time of year, I’ve compiled a holiday to do list, complete with some of my favorite winter activities…

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Eats: Classic Frozen Custard

A few weeks ago our intern informed me that he had a new ice cream place I just had to try. While I should have been embarrassed that my love for frozen treats is obviously apparent at work, I was immensely excited to act on his recommendation…