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Eats: Los Angeles’ Grand Central Market

While I loved exploring all of the different museums and cultural institutions that Los Angeles has to offer, I also fell hard for another aspect of the city’s culture: the food. On a tight schedule (and budget), I stayed away from some of the city’s bigger name eateries. But at least when it comes to downtown L.A., my culinary highlight was the Grand Central Market.


Eats: Bonaparte Retreat

I’m a bit of a compulsive planner, so in anticipation of our road trip to southeast Iowa, I started searching for someplace we could grab a bite to eat on Saturday night. Since both my mom and I don’t do exceptionally well driving in the dark, I knew we’d have to find someplace relatively close by.

A quick Google search is all you need to see there aren’t copious dining options in the immediate vicinity of Bentonsport or Bonaparte, Iowa. But let me make things even easier for you—Bonaparte’s Retreat Restaurant is all you need…

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Des Moines Essentials: Breakfast & Brunch

As the wise Ron Swanson says “There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.” Or really any other emotion for that matter. Whether it’s diner style breakfast or fancier brunch, it’s hard for me to find something to dislike about pancakes, eggs and everything in between…

Des Moines Essentials: Coffee shops & Cafes

Des Moines Essentials: Coffee Shops & Cafés

In December I published my list of Des Moines Essentials—all of my favorite places to eat, drink, shop and explore in Iowa’s capital city. As promised, I’m expanding upon that collection with a little more detail and some recommendations from the places I love…

Eataly Chicago

Eats: A Trip to Eataly

Eataly Chicago has been on my food bucket list for quite some time now. And during a trip to the city to visit family for the holidays, I was finally able to check it off…

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A Fall First: Grade A Gardens CSA

After three years of working Saturdays at the Downtown Des Moines’ Farmers’ Market I finally pulled the trigger and decided to sign up for a CSA share with a local farm this fall. (Wait, a what? A CSA—which stands for Community Supported Agriculture—is a partnership between a farmer and a customer who purchases a share at the beginning of the season for a weekly delivery of fruits, vegetables and more)…

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Eats: Tony Packo’s

As I quickly learned, there aren’t a lot of interesting stops heading west along I-80 from Chicago to Connecticut, but one sunny afternoon of our road trip we stopped in Toledo, Ohio for a bite to eat and were charmed by Tony Packo’s…

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Eats: Evergreen Creamery

My last vacation in Michigan was al about things I love—ice cream, wine and, lastly, cheese. A neighbor of ours mentioned the magic that is Evergreen Creamery so naturally I had to check it out…