Eats: Classic Frozen Custard

All rights reserved Megan Bannister

A few weeks ago our intern informed me that he had a new ice cream place I just had to try. While I should have been embarrassed that my love for frozen treats is obviously apparent at work, I was immensely excited to act on his recommendation.

Before cooler weather hit a friend and I made the trip to Classic Frozen Custard with high hopes. And let me tell you, we were far from disappointed. I ordered a “regular”—the smallest size offered—black raspberry custard and tried not to let my jaw hit the floor when my order appeared at the window.

For roughly the same price (under $3.50) as a take-home pint, the “regular” is just about the same amount of custard. Not that I’m complaining by any means—just know what you’re getting yourself into. While Classic Frozen Custard isn’t open year-round, there’s probably a few more days of frozen goodness to be had. I know that I’ll be trying the pumpkin custard next time I visit.

Classic Frozen Custard, 4000 SE 14th Street in Des Moines

All rights reserved Megan Bannister

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