Lunch Unplugged

Lunch Unplugged

It may be March, but here in Des Moines we’ve been plunged into another deep freeze (what’s up, -25° wind chills). And if you’re anything like me, the cold weather has probably makes you want to curl up under a pile of blankets, do some serious Netflix binging and avoid leaving your apartment until things thaw.

On the chillest days there are few things that will tempt me to venture out of the skywalk—Lunch Unplugged is one of them. For only $5, the wonderful people at Des Moines Performing Arts have put together a great slate of lunchtime performers at the Temple of the Performing Arts that’s hard to pass up.

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A friend and I grabbed lunch before catching the first Lunch Unplugged of 2014, featuring Des Moines’ own Parlours. If you haven’t heard of them, you’re seriously missing out. The Temple is a perfect, intimate setting for a quick daytime concert like Lunch Unplugged but big enough that you won’t feel awkward munching on your lunch during a performance.

Making the most of your Lunch Unplugged:

  • Buy your ticket online in advance to be sure you get a seat.
  • Order lunch online ahead of time from South Union Bread Cafe—conveniently located in the same building—to avoid waiting in long lunchtime lines.
  • Say hello—don’t be shy! Say hello to the band after you finish your lunch & share your appreciation for the (usually) local musicians.

Does Lunch Unplugged sound like your jam? You can find the complete 2014 Lunch Unplugged schedule online

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