My must-see vendors at Renegade Craft Fair Chicago

I’ve written about my love for Renegade Craft Fair before, and this weekend I’m headed east for a quick stop in Chicago before heading on toward Connecticut. Coincidentally, Renegade’s September market will be taking over Division this Saturday and Sunday so it only makes sense to make a trip before I leave town.

While I’m a sucker for Black Dog Gelato, there’s also quite a few vendors on Renegade’s fall roster whose work makes me swoon. Before I hit the streets to (most likely) spend any of the money I managed to save over the summer, here’s a look at a few of the vendors I’m most excited to see:

1. Alisa Bobzien


I’ve loved Alisa Bobzien’s works since I bought one of her Ruth Bader Ginsburg Valentine’s Day cards for a friend earlier this year. Did I mention she also has Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman cards? Yeah, pretty fantastic. Find her on Etsy.

2. Letter Writers Alliance

Letter Writers Alliance

I’m a sucker for snail mail. I love everything about sending and receiving mail and it’s always nice to find a kindred, letter writing spirit. That’s essentially the Letter Writers Alliance. For $5 you can become a lifetime member and get connected with other people who love sending real mail. Find them online

3. Long Winter Soap Co. 

Long Winter Soap Co.

Now that I live in an apartment with a fairly sizable bathtub, I find myself impulse buying bath products probably a lot more frequently than I should. So when I spotted Long Winter Soap Co., I knew it was a done deal. Their bath salts looks absolutely amazing—especially this one labeled “Unicorn Farts.” Find them online

4. redshoes26

Chicago Theatre  - redshoes26

I can’t get over how adorable this miniature state icons from redshoes26 are. They seem absolutely perfect for any and all roadside attractions! My gallery wall-obsessed head is already spinning at the possibilities… Find more online

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If you stop by Red Shoes/Larissa Loden’s booth (they share) or even Alisa Bobzien’s, tell them Chrissy @Domestica says “hi.” So many wonderful makers/artists at this year’s show – wish I could be thre if only to see my maker friends:)

I absolutely will! Thanks for reading, Chrissy!

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