On the Road: Chicago

All Rights Reserved Megan BannisterLike any true lover of adventures, I am a large fan of road trips. I love the quirky attractions, the unique town names (I’m looking at you, What Cheer) and finding the perfect compilation of music for the open road. So what better way than to start the summer with a much needed road trip back to my hometown, before any real summer responsibilities kick in.

For the next week you can find me bumming around the western suburbs, or even the city itself, playing with my puppy, catching up on some much needed afternoon napping and taking full advantage of my parents’ free washer and dryer. In all honesty though, Chicago is one of my favorite cities and I’m slightly crestfallen to be missing out on its many summertime charms. So in the wake of NATO summit preparations, dentist appointment and family obligations I plan on taking advantage of every Chicago Tribune I can get my hands on and savoring glimpses of my favorite skyline for my window when at all possible before heading back to Des Moines on Sunday.

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