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Road Trip 2013: Cheyenne to Salt Lake City

After what seemed like an endless trek through Nebraska and an early bedtime in Cheyenne, we started off our second day on the road at the Wyoming State Capitol.

As we headed across Wyoming we came across Buford, the “World’s Smallest Town” with a population of one. Just after Buford, we discovered the highest point on I-80, also home to a giant statue of Abraham Lincoln’s head. During a stop in Laramie, we learned that there’s also a giant brown T-rex and a dinosaur museum on the campus of the University of Wyoming. Apparently if you throw a pinecone into the statue’s mouth during finals week, you’ll get A’s in all of your classes – unfortunately none of us could do it.

All Rights Reserved Megan Bannister

For a day that started off pretty dreary, the weather was absolutely incredible by the time we got to Salt Lake City, and the view were absolutely breathtaking – especially since we don’t see too many mountains in the Midwest. Our first stop was the Utah State Capitol to bask in the sunlight and stretch our legs with a walk around the capitol’s beautiful grounds.

Finally we headed into the city to walk around the downtown area and stop in at Temple Square to marvel at the city’s towering Mormon temple. The 10-acre grounds are right in the heart of the city and beautifully landscaped if you’re looking for a pretty afternoon stroll.

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