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San Francisco Road Trip

Vintage San Francisco

With warmer weather in the forecast and a week free of school or work, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be hitting the road with some friends and road tripping to San Francisco for spring break.

Bright and early on Friday morning we’ll be loading up the car and heading to the Sunshine State for some much needed adventure (the 65 degree temperatures don’t hurt either). We’ll be taking I-80 all the way from Des Moines to San Francisco and of course be stopping along the way for touristy must-sees, random roadside attractions and some delicious diner grub.

Be sure to stay tuned for photos, videos & all of my road trip stories over the next week! Any recommendations between here & California? I’d love to hear them!

Update: Once we returned, I blogged our Des Moines to San Francisco road trip. Read all about our adventures through these posts:

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