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A Walking Tour of Bentonsport, Iowa

One of the best things about Bentonsport, Iowa—aside from the Village B&B—is it’s size. The unincorporated community has a population of about 40 and even if you’re moving pretty leisurely, you can make a lap around the whole village in less than half an hour.

While there’s a pretty small chance of you missing something on your exploration of Bentonsport, I wanted to put together a small walking tour of some of my favorite places…

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Exploring Iowa: Bonaparte

If you head south of Fairfield, through Keosaqua and along rustic Route J40, you’ll find yourself in the heart of Bonaparte, Iowa. I’d be lying if I said I was expecting to be charmed by this tiny, riverfront town.

But at this point, charmed may be an understatement…

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Exploring Iowa: Dexter

One of my favorite parts of an Iowa road trip is exploring the small, often forgotten downtowns of the towns I pass through. While exploring the White Pole Road I found myself in the heart of…

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Exploring Iowa: Cedar Rapids

After grabbing lunch at NewBo City Market, we wandered around the adorable Cedar Rapids neighborhood of New Bohemia. Before we hopped back in the car to embark on the next leg of our adventure, we stopped in at a few shops and took in some of the adorable atmosphere of this unique neighborhood…

Historic marker for the Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk in Riverside, Iowa

Exploring Iowa: Riverside

If you happen to be a Star Trek fanatic—or even if you aren’t—you probably know that Captain James T. Kirk is on the roster of proud Iowans. Granted he won’t be born for another 215 years, but the people of Riverside, Iowa hasn’t let that stop them from celebrating their (future) local celebrity…

Apple Orchards

Exploring Iowa: Wilson’s Orchard

To celebrate the first official day of autumn—though the temperatures in Iowa have still been in the mid-70s and 80s—I hopped in the car with a friend and headed to Wilson’s Orchard near Iowa City. We arrived just after the orchard opening and snagged a few fresh apple cider donuts for our rumbling stomachs…