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Visit 5 of Iowa’s Spookiest Destinations This Halloween

I’m not usually one for haunted houses or scary movies, but in the spirit of Halloween spookiness I decided to make an exception. While I haven’t visited all of these (and I probably don’t plan to), here are five of Iowa’s most notoriously haunted spots…

All Rights Reserved Megan Bannister

Oakland Cemetery’s Black Angel

In honor of Halloween and this especially spooky time of year, I decided to wait to share one of my Iowa adventures from a few months back. While near Iowa City, Kristen and I made a quick detour to Oakland Cemetery in search of the Black Angel…


Halloween DIY: Blossom

For about a year now my friends have been fairly opinionated when it comes to my celebrity doppelganger. While it originally started with comparisons to Amy Farah Fowler from “The Big Bang Theory,” looking back at some of Mayim Bialik‘s earlier TV appearances it was pretty clear that I could also pass for Blossom, ’90s sitcom tween (and lover of ridiculous hats)…