The Week: August 8, 2014

All Rights Reserved Megan Bannister

It’s definitely been one of those weeks where I’m desperate for the weekend. While I have no major plans, I’m hoping to enjoy some sunshine and maybe an ice cream cone (or two). I’m working on some exciting new features for Olio in Iowa so stay tuned! For now though, you can follow Olio on Twitter and to tide you over until Monday, here are my favorite bits of Internet from this week:

How to feel less lonely.

This Orange is the New Black fan art is amazing.

This salad sounds incredible.

Well no, we didn’t actually wake up like this.

Loved this long-form piece about the future of iced coffee because of Blue Bottle.

Font nerds rejoice!

Now this is customer service.

Push a button. Get pizza. Yes, please!

A fascinating read about Times Square cartoon characters.

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