The Week: February 28, 2014

I’d be lying if I said that this was a great week—there were definitely some high points but I’ve arrived at Friday exhausted, mildly exasperated and with a slightly throbbing headache. So I plan to spend the weekend enjoying the small things that make me happy (homemade lattes, good books, soft sweaters, antique shopping with friends), but in the meantime, here are my favorite bits of Internet from this past week:

How to get a busy person to respond to your email.

Excited to see one of my favorite East Village shops, Stitch, was named Best New Store by Cityview.

I’ve scouted the perfect emerald dress & can hardly wait until Art Noir’s HUE next Friday.

I love Des Moines. And I love MAIDS. And you should too.

Even more reason to love Seth Rogen.

This theory about Andy’s mom from Toy Story will blow your mind.

If anyone finds an extra $400 laying around, I wouldn’t object to these beauties.

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