The Week: January 11, 2013

Needless to say it’s been a busy and somewhat disorganized week. From starting new classes to cleaning and reorganizing our apartment, I plan on spending most of my weekend in a lazy Netflix-on-the-couch coma. Have a great (and relaxing) weekend! 

I might be a little biased – but I can’t wait to see this documentary about the Silicon Prairie and all of the innovative people making a name for themselves in the Midwest and beyond.

After a birthday taste of Catalán cuisine I’ve been craving Spanish food. Hard. So it’s likely that I’ll be making these very soon.

I love trying out new dinner spots around town and I’ve been dying to go here for awhile now. Can you say “yum”?

In this week’s season 2 premiere of HBO’s “Girls,” behold JoAnna Godard’s Q&A with the show’s costume designer.

THIS JUST IN: Yesterday Justin Timberlake released this video hinting at the fact that the once beloved boy band warbler might just be ready to start making music again.

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