The Week: October 18, 2013

As much as I love crisp fall weather, the cloudy, rainy days we’ve been having in Iowa this last week have left me feeling tired and low energy. Thankfully I’m off to spend the weekend with my family and surprise a few of my favorite people (shh it’s a secret!)—while I’m away, here are my favorite bits of Internet from this week:

I’ve been captivated by Banksy’s art for awhile now and his latest moving piece, “Sirens of the Lambs,” is making me wish I had a trip to NYC on my schedule.

These photos of couples swapping clothing are truly fantastic.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this new Wes Anderson book.

Architectural Digest featured the most impressive libraries from around the world and I’m in heaven.

I’m a big fan of Bon Appetit and this list of recipes is perfection.

Speaking of Wes Anderson, the trailer for his latest film “The Grand Budapest Hotel” just dropped and it looks charming as always.

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