The Week: September 20, 2013

This week the crisp hint of fall finally hit the Iowa air and I’ve already leapt headfirst into cozy sweaters, leather boots and steaming lattes. While I prepare for a weekend full of apple picking (hopefully) and enjoying the quickly approaching fall colors, here are a few of my favorite bits of Internet from this week:

I’m obsessed with Chandler O’Leary’s blog, Drawn the Road Again—her illustrations are simply gorgeous. They’re making me want to go buy a sketchbook and some watercolors.

This spiced bourbon apple pie is at the top of my recipe to-do list.

In case you were worried about getting your finger chopped off over the iPhone 5S.

I’ve been day dreaming about throwing a Halloween party and these 15-minute party DIYs from Real Simple are making the thought even more tempting.

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