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Why I Stopped Blogging — And How I Started Again

Oh, hi. You may have noticed that it’s been a little quiet around here.

In January my blog had its best, biggest month ever. My page views and engagement surpassed numbers that I had truly only dreamed about. All sorts of exciting opportunities were on the horizon. It seemed like things were going great.

Except that they weren’t.

Since October of last year Josh and I have been dealing with some of the less fun realities of home ownership. Through a variety of mishaps, weather related and otherwise, our house had mold. A considerable amount of mold. Enough that we’d need to relocate for a few weeks while it was cleaned and treated, half of our house taken down to the studs in the process. Living in a hotel may seem glamorous, but all I can say is that Eloise was a big fat liar. But that’s a story for another time.

On top of that, I had started to feel growing pains at my full-time job. I was burnt out and not feeling like I had any idea where I wanted to turn next.

Ideas for blog content and some outstanding sponsored posts started to pile up and the weight of the undone work felt crippling. I would sit down at my computer already feeling like I’d failed before I even began to type.

I would go to networking events or community meetings and new acquaintances would remark how fun and exciting my life and my work must be. While those things were arguably true, they didn’t feel that way at the time. The reality was that I had let my anxiety take over, and I was miserable.

So in February I made a change. I accepted a new job with one of my long-time freelance clients and practiced setting some new boundaries. I tried to stress the small stuff less and spend more time appreciating what we did have. Some days I didn’t even pick up my computer when I got home.

Almost four months later, I’m finally starting to feel like writing again. I’ve decided to take things slow. And attempt to free myself from the feeling that I have to do everything. Constantly. All the time.

The type of content you’ll see here won’t change. But my approach to it probably will. I want to reconnect with why I started blogging in the first place—to share interesting places and memorable stories with you in the hopes of inspiring your own adventures.

Here’s to sharing even more in the months to come! Thanks for staying along for the ride.

Comments (13)

Love you and this! Such a great write up and as someone who is VERY allergic to mold (and who, as a REALTOR, has shown more mold infested homes than I care to think about) I feel for you- a LOT! Glad you’re back and doing it on your terms, not the terms of what someone makes you feel like you should do!

You are too sweet, Greta! Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m definitely thankful it’s over and am looking forward to getting back to things that are a lot more fun.

Thank you, Sara!

Self care is important! Glad you’re finding your way back. Looking forward to your adventures.

It really is! Thank you so much, Jessica. I’m excited to be writing again!

Anxiety sucks. So glad you’re doing what’s best for you!

Thanks, Jess! I’m so thankful for your friendship.

You always have permission to give yourself a break. Even if anxiety and depression say the opposite.

You’re so right! Thank you, Colleen!

Welcome back! I can so relate! Sometimes it’s hard to think we can walk away and take the time we need but it can be so necessary!

Heard your great interview today on NPR Iowa and now I want yo hear more so I will subscribe and hope to make that exciting road trip thru Wisconsin to Iowa soon. Cheers and good luck!

Thanks so much for your kind words and for tuning in, Phil! Let me know if you need any tips or places to stop when you do. Thanks again!

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