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Wanderlust & Road Trips

Sometimes–especially if I’ve been in one place for awhile–I’ll start to feel antsy, a little bit anxious. For no reason at all I’ll feel slightly panicked, like I’ve forgotten to do something important. Lately I’ve come to realize that this feeling means its time to start planning my next trip…

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On Moving & A New Look

It’s been a crazy month–both at work and in my personal life. Just over two weeks ago I moved out of my old apartment and into a new place downtown. While I’m still getting organized and adapting to my new routine, I’m finally starting to feel at home–pictures to come once I’m finally finished unpacking…

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Bouquets of Sharpened Pencils

A wise man – obviously Tom Hanks – once said (more specifically, in “You’ve Got Mail”), “I would send you bouquets of newly sharpened pencils if only I knew your name and address.” And although I am not Meg Ryan and it is not New York in the fall, there is a certain appeal to Mr. Hank’s proposal. Simply? I love school supply shopping…


The Birthday List (22)

Though I’ve never been a huge fan of extravagant birthday plans or commemorating huge yearly milestones. I recently stumbled across a blogger who compiles a birthday list every year – one task or goal for…

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Turning 22

When I was cleaning out some drawers over the summer, I stumbled upon a letter to myself I had written easily more than a decade ago. Stashed behind some old clothes the envelope stated very…

Des Moines

2012: A Year in Review

As the year ends, I’ve compiled pictures of some of my favorite moments, meals and adventures to help commemorate 2012. From trips to Washington D.C. to summer music festivals, from completing my first half marathon…

Autumn in Iowa

Back to Blogging

After a semester of taking 17 credit hours, working three jobs and finishing my anthropology degree, I’m finally catching my breath enough to get back to blogging. 

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Iowa Cubs

As corny as it sounds, I strongly believe that there is nothing that says summer quite like a baseball game. I have never really been one for watching sports extensively. Yes, occasionally I’ll tune in…

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The First Days of Summer

Regardless of the year or my current location, the first days of summer are always my absolute favorite. Maybe it’s the sudden freedom from schoolwork and responsibility and everything else that would normally be weighing…