What I'm into: September

What I’m into: September

Fall is without a doubt my favorite season. So in honor of some of my favorite things, I’ve decided to start writing posts about some of the things I’m into each month…

8 Must-See Summer Flicks

Usually I don’t get too excited about summer blockbusters but this year’s crop might just change my mind. So butter up your popcorn and grab your Red Vines, here are the eight summer movies I’ll…

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Introducing Olio in Iowa’s Second Summer

After a lot of end-of-semester craziness, graduation shenanigans and some equally wacky weather, it looks like summer has finally arrived in Des Moines. I’m looking forward to an exciting summer, complete with a new job, a soon-to-be new apartment and hopefully a bit of traveling. Stay up to date with my most recent adventures by following Olio in Iowa or checking out my Des Moines to-do list from time to time…

Decking the Halls

Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit quite like the enticing combination of Christmas music, baking holiday-themed cookies and wrapping presents for the people I care about most.