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Summer in the City: Des Moines Edition

As the snow melts and the trees begin to bloom, there’s a certain energy that returns to the air, especially in a place with harsh winters like Iowa. But no more so than in the early days of summer. As a kid, that meant never wearing shoes, devouring endless books for summer reading, picking raspberries in the backyard, and escaping to the lake for a long weekend.

Even though I no longer have summers off, I try to approach summer with the same sense of excitement. And while I’m not a big fan of the oppressive humidity or buzzing mosquitos that accompany the season, there are a lot of things I absolutely adore about Des Moines in the summer.

The Week: July 19, 2013

As I get settled in my new apartment and adopt a new routine, the weekends have become a great opportunity to slow down and take some time to myself. This weekend I’ll be hanging out…

Gold Motel

New Music Monday: Gold Motel

I first stumbled upon Gold Motel last year during 80/35 and have been hooked ever since. It wasn’t until after I bought the band’s debut album that I discovered their lead singer was none other…