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Des Moines Essentials: Breakfast & Brunch

As the wise Ron Swanson says “There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.” Or really any other emotion for that matter. Whether it’s diner style breakfast or fancier brunch, it’s hard for me to find something to dislike about pancakes, eggs and everything in between…

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Sips: Moscow Mules

A few weeks ago, I grabbed happy hour drinks with a friend at the always tasty Americana. Though we had some serious savory tapas, it was my beverage of choice that wowed me, and ever…

Americana Bombshell Brunch

Eats: Americana

I’ve been dreaming of Americana’s Bombshell Brunch for a long time – basically ever since I learned that it included a grilled cheese bar. So now that I work 40+ hours a week at a…