101 in 1,001

Update: 101 in 1,001

Earlier this year I came up with a 101 in 1,001 list with the goal of completing 101 tasks in 1,001 days. Now that I’m almost a year into my 1,001 days, I’ve realized I’m more quickly chipping away at the goals, activities and experiences I included.

Since my last update, I’ve done a bit of traveling, celebrated some bigger goal milestones and (looking back) eaten a lot of great food…

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A Fall First: Grade A Gardens CSA

After three years of working Saturdays at the Downtown Des Moines’ Farmers’ Market I finally pulled the trigger and decided to sign up for a CSA share with a local farm this fall. (Wait, a what? A CSA—which stands for Community Supported Agriculture—is a partnership between a farmer and a customer who purchases a share at the beginning of the season for a weekly delivery of fruits, vegetables and more)…