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Beer in a tulip glass reading "Barn Town Brewing" on a wood bar in front of a wall with blue pickup truck backer and beer taps at Barn Town Brewing near Des Moines, Iowa

The Ultimate Guide to Des Moines Breweries

In the past few years, I’ve noticed there are a surprising number of places to enjoy a craft beer in Des Moines (and even more across Iowa). In fact, the newly opened Iowa Taproom showcases 120 taps from more than 20 Iowa breweries.

In honor of Des Moines Beer Week, I decided to compile some of my favorite local spots into an ultimate guide to breweries in Des Moines and the surrounding area.

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Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival

This weekend, I joined 8,000 of my closest friends at the Iowa State Fairgrounds for a truly Midwestern event: the 2013 Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival. The basic premise? Eat a lot of bacon and drink well before noon – that’s kind of it…