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Savoring the SPAM Museum in Austin, MN

For the last few years, anytime I would drive north to Minneapolis to visit friends I would find myself chuckling at the SPAM Museum’s billboards. “Visit the Guggenham” one read. “Find Salivation” another joked. But when I finally Googled the museum, I was bummed to learn that the Austin, Minnesota attraction was closed for renovations.

So a few weeks ago when numerous friends reached out to let me know the SPAM Museum had reopened (on a related note, I’m lucky to have people who get me), I knew I needed to plan a trip…

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One Fine (Wintry) Day in Minneapolis

A few weekends ago I took a road trip north to Minneapolis. Now, you might ask yourself why someone willingly agrees to travel to an arguably colder part of the country during an already chilly winter, but I think there’s something to be said for embracing the elements. In the same spirit, I decided to put together the perfect wintry day if you find yourself with 24 hours to fill in Minnesota’s Twin Cities…

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The Great Snow Octopus

When I first saw a friend post a photo at this year’s Bartz Snow Sculpture, I was intrigued. But when I found out the big-hearted reason three brothers created a giant snow octopus in the front yard of their suburban Minneapolis home, I knew I needed to plan a visit…

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World’s Largest Loon

This past weekend I spent some time up north (near Dent, Minnesota) with some friends. Naturally once I heard that we were within miles of the Vergas—home of the World’s Largest Loon—we planned a quick stop on our way back to Minneapolis…

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A Weekend in Dent, Minnesota

This past weekend I took my first trip to Minnesota—I know, I know, it should have been sooner. A friend’s family has a cabin on West Silent Lake near Dent so on Thursday afternoon we piled in the car and headed north for a long weekend…