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Summer in the City: Des Moines Edition

As the snow melts and the trees begin to bloom, there’s a certain energy that returns to the air, especially in a place with harsh winters like Iowa. But no more so than in the early days of summer. As a kid, that meant never wearing shoes, devouring endless books for summer reading, picking raspberries in the backyard, and escaping to the lake for a long weekend.

Even though I no longer have summers off, I try to approach summer with the same sense of excitement. And while I’m not a big fan of the oppressive humidity or buzzing mosquitos that accompany the season, there are a lot of things I absolutely adore about Des Moines in the summer.

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DIY Eats: Summer Veggie Tian

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at a summer vegetable tian for awhile now so last week when I had a few days off, I decided to put some of my Farmers’ Market veggies to good use…

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Introducing Olio in Iowa’s Second Summer

After a lot of end-of-semester craziness, graduation shenanigans and some equally wacky weather, it looks like summer has finally arrived in Des Moines. I’m looking forward to an exciting summer, complete with a new job, a soon-to-be new apartment and hopefully a bit of traveling. Stay up to date with my most recent adventures by following Olio in Iowa or checking out my Des Moines to-do list from time to time…

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Iowa Cubs

As corny as it sounds, I strongly believe that there is nothing that says summer quite like a baseball game. I have never really been one for watching sports extensively. Yes, occasionally I’ll tune in…

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On the Road: Chicago

Like any true lover of adventures, I am a large fan of road trips. I love the quirky attractions, the unique town names (I’m looking at you, What Cheer) and finding the perfect compilation of…

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The First Days of Summer

Regardless of the year or my current location, the first days of summer are always my absolute favorite. Maybe it’s the sudden freedom from schoolwork and responsibility and everything else that would normally be weighing…