Surf Ballroom

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Honor the Day the Music Died at the Buddy Holly Crash Site

On February 3, 1959, Buddy Holly and his band played the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa as part of their Winter Dance Party tour across the Midwest. Frustrated with uncomfortable travel conditions on the tour bus, Holly chartered a small plane to the band’s next venue in Moorhead, Minnesota.

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Seeking Out the Surf Ballroom & Museum

Growing up, we spent most summers on the banks of Lake Michigan, sun kissed and sand covered as we wandered our small summer town. Stepping out of the car in Clear Lake, Iowa, I was immediately transported back to those sprawling summer days, and a visit to the Surf Ballroom and Museum seemed like the ultimate necessity.

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Olio in Iowa’s 2015 Bucket List

Typically the new year comes with the promise of resolutions and kicking bad habits. But I’ve already preferred compiling lists of things to do in the coming year. While I’m already working on a pretty hefty list of goals (lookin’ at you, 101 in 1,001), I’m excited to start planning out which Iowa attractions I’m looking forward to visiting in 2015…