Meet Otto the World’s Largest Otter

Statue of Otto the World's Largest Otter in Fergus Falls, Minnesota

One of my favorite things about Minnesota is its large number of, well, large attractions. Lucky for me, one of Iowa’s neighboring states is home to dozens of “world’s largest” things just waiting to be explored. Recently got to know Otto the World’s Largest Otter in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

On our way to spend a long weekend in Fargo, North Dakota, we made a quick detour to Fergus Falls. After driving about 10 minutes off the highway, we spotted the giant otter from across the lake.

Standing at 15 feet tall and roughly 40 feet long, Otto is a beloved mascot for the city. The statue overlooks a small lake in Fergus Falls’ Grotto Park, and is a popular destination for picnics and photos. Built in 1972, a group of high school students constructed Otto with the help of their teacher and local artist Steve Jaenisch. The shop class used metal rods and concrete to create the massive mammal in honor of Fergus Falls’ centennial.

Before hopping back in the car we snapped some photos with Otto, and marveled at his impressively adorable size.

Plan Your Visit to Otto the Otter

Statue of Otto the World's Largest Otter overlooking a pond in Fergus Falls, Minnesota

If you’re a roadside attraction aficionado like me, the World’s Largest Otter is a great spot to stretch your legs. Grotto Park is a beautiful spot to grab a snack or watch birds flock to the nearby lake.

Upon entering the park, follow the road to the left to find a parking area conveniently located just in front of Otto the Otter. The sculpture is a great photo op. But be sure your group respects signs warning visitors not to climb on Otto.

Fun Fact: Fergus Falls is the seat of Otter Tail County, which makes it an even more appropriate home for Otto.

Otto the World’s Largest Otter, Grotto Park in Fergus Falls, Minnesota

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I would love to hear from you! Have you met Otto the Otter? What are your favorite “world’s largest” things in Minnesota?

Meet Otto the World's Largest Otter who makes his home in Fergus Falls, Minnesota! Minnesota is full of roadside attractions and unique destinations, including Otto the Otter. #Minnesota #WorldsLargest #RoadsideAttractions

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Are there paved bicycling trails in Fergus Falls?

Great question, Laurie! Fergus Falls is full of great trails for biking and walking. You can find more information as well as trail maps here: Thanks so much for reading!

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