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Olio in Iowa is a Midwest-based travel blog inspired by offbeat destinations, roadside attractions, and “world’s largest” things. Started in 2012, Olio in Iowa focuses on unique travel destinations and the joys of roadtripping. With readers located across the country, Olio in Iowa strives to highlight the nation’s sometimes overlooked locales and showcase the people who help create and maintain them.


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When I first planned for the release of Iowa Supper Clubs, it included a lot more eating in restaurants and a lot more in-person events. Throw in a global pandemic and restaurant culture is looking quite…

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The “world’s largest” thing that began my obsession may have called neighboring Nebraska home. But it seemed fitting to kick off  my Wandering the World’s Largest adventure in Iowa with Albert the World’s Largest Bull.

Available Now: Iowa Supper Clubs

From relish trays and Old Fashioned cocktails to prime rib and fried fish, supper clubs are a quintessential part of midwestern dining culture. In Iowa, hundreds of supper clubs once dotted the state’s rural highways and byways, serving as havens for hungry travelers and community gathering places for small towns. Today, fewer of these classic eateries remain, but the ones that do hold some unique stories and incredible dining experiences.

Iowa Supper Clubs Book Cover