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Hey there!

My name is Megan and I’m a Chicago native turned willing Iowan. For the past decade I’ve called Des Moines home, and have truly come to love everything the Hawkeye State has to offer.

I started Olio in Iowa in 2012, originally as a way to get out and explore my new hometown. But along the way, the blog has become a home for all of my roadside adventures and a way to share the stories that make me love roadtripping.

Since then I’ve driven coast to coast discovering unique small towns, roadside attractions and “world’s largest” things along the way. No matter the destination, I firmly believe that getting there is half the fun.

My book, Iowa Supper Clubs, was released through Arcadia Publishing in August 2020. My next book, Secret Iowa, which will be out from Reedy Press in late 2023.


My husband and I drove the entire length of Route 66 and eloped at the end in Santa Monica!

I have an orange cat named Poe! He doesn’t love to travel, but every once and awhile you’ll see him when I’m at home.

I prefer driving over flying. No matter how many hours it means in the car, I would choose a road trip every time. 

I love “world’s largest” things and have a goal of visiting at least one in every U.S. state.


Olio (ˈō-lē-ˌō) means a miscellaneous mixture or collection. Yes, I’m aware it’s also very close to the Italian word for “oil.”

This blog started as a miscellaneous collection of stories and, in my experience, that same hodgepodge is what makes up all of the best types of adventures. My preferred style of travel is all about serendipity, spontaneity, and unexpected detours so Olio seemed like the perfect fit.

You sure did! Iowa Supper Clubs was released in 2020 through Arcadia Publishing. You can purchase a copy through any major bookseller, your favorite independent shop, or directly through my website.

I’m currently working on my next book, Secret Iowa, with Reedy Press. More to come on that in late 2023!

I currently live in Des Moines, Iowa! Before you start imagining endless miles of cornfields, let me change your mind.

A lot! It’s actually my goal to visit a “world’s largest” attraction in every U.S. state. You can follow along with that adventure through my Wandering the World’s Largest series.


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