American Gothic House

All Rights Reserved Megan Bannister

Eats: Pitchfork Pie Stand

If you’re a long-time blog reader you know that this wasn’t the first time I’ve visited the American Gothic House in search of pie. One Sunday last summer we set out in pursuit of the Pitchfork Pie Stand, only to learn that Beth had sold out the day before and wouldn’t be baking more. We were crushed, to say the least, but settled for milkshakes at the Rexall South Side Drug soda fountain in neighboring Ottumwa. But even over the course of a long winter we never forgot how much we wanted that pie…

All Rights Reserved Megan Bannister

Plan Your Visit to the American Gothic House

Last weekend a friend and I decided to take a mini road trip south to Eldon, Iowa in search of the house that inspired artist Grant Wood’s “American Gothic.” Less than two hours from Des Moines, the trip was the perfect length—peppered with stops along the way—for a sunny Sunday afternoon…