A Foodie Guide to Kenosha, WI

When you think of foodie destinations, Kenosha, Wisconsin may not automatically spring to mind. But not only is this lakefront community teeming with local history, it’s also home to some truly delicious food. From upscale eateries and…

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Eats: Hi-Lo Diner

I am an enthusiastic lover of breakfast. Sweet or savory—it doesn’t matter. I love the ritual of diner breakfasts in all of their comfort and regularity, full of worn vinyl booths and steaming cups of…

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Eats: Los Angeles’ Grand Central Market

While I loved exploring all of the different museums and cultural institutions that Los Angeles has to offer, I also fell hard for another aspect of the city’s culture: the food. On a tight schedule (and budget), I stayed away from some of the city’s bigger name eateries. But at least when it comes to downtown L.A., my culinary highlight was the Grand Central Market.