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Five Favorite Podcasts for Road Trips

All Rights Reserved Megan Bannister

A great soundtrack is necessary for any decent road trip, but when you spend as much time in the car as I do, sometimes the same CDs and tracks (fun as they might be to scream sing) can get a little old.

After years of traveling, I’ve amassed quite the list of favorite podcasts for road trips for anytime I’ve got to spend a few hours in the car. My preferred method of listening is via Stitcher, but all of these also are available through the iTunes store. 

  1. Good Job, Brain! — I’m a diehard trivia nerd at heart and the creators of Good Job, Brain! seem to be kindred spirits. With inventively themed episodes and some equally entertaining puns (What can I say? They get me), I’ve learned a ton of random knowledge for the GJB crew.
  2. 99% Invisible — Hosted by Roman Mars, 99% Invisible offers incite into design from all angles. From a show about an elementary school built entirely underground to one about the cardboard longboxes CDs were packaged in during the 90s, I’m always pleasantly surprised by the topics this podcast covers.
  3. Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me — Even though Carl Kasell has retired, Wait, Wait is still one of my favorite podcasts. In fact, their “Not My Job” inspired the tangentially related trivia that I currently write for another podcast.
  4. How Did This Get Made? — For anyone who’s ever watched a movie and thought to themselves, “Someone actually paid for this!?”—this is the podcast for you. Comprised of a hilarious cast of Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas and June Diane Raohael, this podcast is devoted solely to recapping and discussing horrible (and now classic) movies. Think the entire “Twilight” series, “Spice World” and “Jingle All the Way.”
  5. This American Life —I mean, Ira Glass…  Do I need to say more?

What are some of your favorite podcasts for road trips?

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Immediately went in and downloaded six episodes of “How Did This Get Made” to listen to while I pack my apartment this weekend. Thank you!

So glad you’re enjoying it! It’s one of the funniest pop culture podcasts I’ve found. Thanks for commenting!

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