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The Saga of Slayton Rock in Casey, Iowa

Slayton Rock in Slayton, Iowa

If you’re looking for an unusual roadside stop for your Iowa adventure, look no further than Slayton Rock.

I have an unshakeable soft spot for seemingly insignificant attractions. I love the idea that no matter how small or trivial, these little tourist stops mean something big to the people who create them. On a rural road about five miles southwest of Casey, Iowa, you’ll find Slayton Rock.

Weighing in at 500,000 pounds and standing more than 16 feet high, this boulder is a behemoth. In fact, in the fall of 1999 it took Don and Betty Slayton 3,000 horsepower to move the gigantic boulder from their nearby field. The event was so notable that Farm Show Magazine covered the big move in one of their issues the following year.

Ultimately, the giant rock was too big to remove from the farm entirely. So there it sits to this day!

Slayton Rock in Slayton, Iowa
Letters written by local children to Mr. Slayton displayed at Slayton Rock in Slayton, Iowa
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Plan Your Visit to Slayton Rock

Woman sitting on small rock in front of Slayton Rock in Slayton, Iowa

If you’re already driving the White Pole Road, this unique roadside oddity is an easy detour. Head about five miles southwest from Casey, Iowa to discover this big boulder. You can’t miss it. I promise.

Slayton Rock, 1174 Fontanelle Road in Casey, Iowa

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Comments (3)

Traveling the back roads of Iowa I ran into this big,huge,gigantic rock as I drove by doing 40 plus.I looked to my right and holy moly..I slamed on my semi brakes and backed up..Took my picture of it and shared my picture and the location… Thanks for the information.

It definitely does sneak up on you! I’m so glad that my post provided some helpful information. Thanks so much for reading!

We stumbled upon this by accident while on a bike ride yesterday. Caught us completely off guard. We stopped and took photos and the man who owns the farm came out to chat with us. A good diversion on our ride

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