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World’s Largest Swedish Coffee Pot & Cup

World's Largest Swedish Coffee Pot in Stanton, Iowa

One thing is for sure: If you’re sipping out of the World’s Largest Swedish Coffee Pot in Stanton, Iowa, you’ll definitely get your caffeine fix. While this iconic water tower once loomed large over the small southwest Iowa town, it has since been lowered. But it’s connection to local history remains.

You’ve probably never heard for Virginia Christine. But you might recognize her as Mrs. Olson from Folgers’ retro TV commercials. Christine was a Stanton, Iowa native. So, in 1971, the southwest Iowa town’s water tower was transformed into a Swedish coffee pot — complete with handle, spout and top knob — in her honor.

When it was in use, the World’s Largest Swedish Coffee Pot stands held about 40,000 gallons (or 640,000 cups of coffee).

Stanton couldn’t get enough of its Swedish heritage so in 2000, the town erected the World’s Largest Swedish Coffee Cup. This coffee cup and saucer still stands as a 95-foot-tall water tower, which holds 150,000 gallons (or an impressive 2.4 million cups of coffee).

In early 2014, Stanton residents rallied in an attempt to save the aging World’s Largest Swedish Coffee Pot after it was declared a liability. Finally, the town came to a solution. In 2015, the water tower was lowered. Then the coffee pot tank was relocated to the grounds of the Swedish Heritage and Cultural Center.

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Stanton, Iowa
Formerly 125 feet
40,000 gallons
World's Largest Swedish Coffee Pot in Stanton, Iowa

Fast Facts: World’s Largest Swedish Coffee Cup

Stanton, Iowa
95 feet
150,000 gallons
World's Largest Swedish Coffee Cup in Stanton, Iowa

Frequently Asked Questions About the World’s Largest Swedish Coffee Pot & Cup

What is the world’s largest coffee pot?

While Stanton’s coffee pot is the largest with a Swedish design, the official World’s Largest Coffee Pot can be found in Bedford, Pennsylvania. This unique building, known as the Koontz Coffee Pot, has been a community icon since the 1920s.

What town in Iowa has a coffee pot water tower?

Stanton, Iowa formerly had a water tower shaped like a Swedish coffee pot. The town of Stanton still has a water tower shaped like a coffee cup and saucer with a Swedish design.

Plan Your Visit to the World’s Largest Swedish Coffee Pot & Cup

World's Largest Swedish Coffee Pot in Stanton, Iowa

If you’re searching out the world’s largest things in Iowa, you’ll definitely need to plan a visit to Stanton.

Today, you can find the iconic Swedish coffee pot on the lawn of the Swedish Heritage & Cultural Center. The center is open to visitors from April through October and highlights various aspects of the community’s Swedish heritage.

The giant coffee cup still sits at its original location on the south edge of town.

World’s Largest Swedish Coffee Pot, Swedish Heritage & Cultural Center, 410 Hilltop Avenue in Stanton, Iowa
World’s Largest Swedish Coffee Cup, Corner of Hilltop & Highland Avenues in Stanton, Iowa

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